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Advanced WORKBOOK to accompany your book: To make this book EVEN MORE POWERFUL we have put together a comprehensive Advanced WORKBOOK to accompany it. So not only will you get all of the massive business growth power within this new book, but with the Advanced WORKBOOK you'll also get 35 pages of massive business growth worksheets to guide you through each and every exercise within the book. This book IS complete and does have a few worksheets and exercises, but if you REALLY want massive business growth then the Advanced WORKBOOK is worth the additional $37 investment. Each set of worksheets within the book has been EXPANDED and ENHANCED to give you even more powerful business growth work so that you can experience massive revenue growth faster and more easily. Check YES above to add this special offer to your order now for just $37. (This is not available at any other time or place for this price.)

Here's What You'll Get:
  • The step by step formula for massive business growth (Page 8)
  • These SIX cash pumping business models that can turn your business into a PROFIT MAGNET (Page 54)
  • The biggest mistakes growth minded entrepreneurs make (Page 15)
  • The truth about why most businesses only grow at 7.8%! And how to avoid this devious trap that most business owners unknowingly fall victim to (Page 33)
  • Instantly find six new sources of revenue for your business in this combination of places. I’ve never seen anyone else looking … but now you can  (Page 35)
  •  What business model the fastest growing company in the U.S. is using to grow 50,059% to $54.2M per year. This business model is one of six in the book (Page 62)
  • Identify the top 2 people you need on your side to massively grow your business. You can’t do this one on your own, one is the worst number in business (Page 28)
  •  Why the worst time to PLAN to grow is when you NEED to grow just to keep the doors open (Page 70)
  • How traditional business growth methods can actually send you to the poorhouse. But use this radically different approach and you’ll look like a hero to all those who count on you (Page 74)
  • Example after example of businesses just like yours exponentially growing their revenue to massive levels without changing a thing in their existing business (Page 58)
  • The inner psychology that Inc. 500 #22 used to grow 9,935% to over $29 million in revenue. Without this, there can be no revenue growth for any of us (Page 13)
  •  And Much, Much More
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