Looking Over My Shoulder
How America's Fastest Growing Companies Do It
by Walter Bergeron

It's been a few weeks since I've emailed you and I wanted to first apologize for not being in contact sooner.

I'm not sure if you knew this or not but there are businesses all around us that are growing at an astonishing rate.

There are businesses like yours (and mine for that matter) that are growing 34,021.05%, 36,065.06% and even 50,058.92%!

That means that there are businesses growing 50 times larger over a matter of a couple of years!

If you dig a little deeper you'll find some growing at over 100,000%, an almost unbelievable growth rate.

What's even more impressive is that some of these businesses have been growing at these astonishing rate for 10 plus years.
That's over a decade!

Now I don't know about you, but I wouldn't believe anyone that told me this.

I'd have to see proof of this with my own eyes.

Well, here is a link to the proof (I didn't believe it at first either)

What you may also find interesting is that not only have these businesses grown at this amazing pace but they've also given us the exact formula of how they did it

...and more importantly, the formula for you to do this in your business.

So stick with me and you'll see how to use that formula for your business too.

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